The Tortugas colony was founded March 12, 1870 with the construction of the railway line from Rosario to Cordoba.
Italian immigrants were the first residents of the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. The town was officially established August 5, 1889. It is located 235 km from the federal capital Santa Fe. A native of Tortugas is the Bishop Emeritus of Santa Rosa, Rinaldo Fidel Bredice. (source :Wikipedia)

Post Office Name State or Province Postal Code Date of Existence and/or known dates Notes postmarks and postal history images
Colonia Tortugas Santa Fe - know 1879 very rare postmark
Tortugas Santa Fe 2512   Colonia Tortugas changed name in "Tortugas"
Images of Colonia Tortugas (Tortugas)
Tortugas, Santa Fe province, 30 residents in 1900, rare item, postcard (Source:

colonos arriving in the area from Piedmont and Lombardy, Italy
Las tortugas Salta 4449   cities/towns may or may not have post offices?  
Las tortugas Buenos Aires 7116   cities/towns may or may not have post offices?  
Tortuguitas Buenos Aires B1667 about 1947