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Cootamundra New South Wales   1866 to present Cootamundra is a town and Local Government Area in the South West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia and within the Riverina. At the 2006 census, Cootamundra had a population of 5,566.[1] It is located on the Olympic Highway at the point where it crosses the Muttama Creek, between Junee and Cowra. Although it is by passed by the Hume Highway, its railway station is on the Main Southern line, part of the Melbourne-to-Sydney line. (source:Wikipedia) Cootamundra post office
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Cootomundra Western Australia   1924 - 1967    


About aboriginal name "cootamundra" and Cootamundra in New South Wales
Prior to European settlement the Cootamundra area was inhabited by the Wiradjuri Aborigines. It is widely accepted that it is their word 'gooramundra', which possibly means either 'turtle', 'swamp', 'marsh' or 'low-lying', which was adopted in 1861 when the government decided to construct a 'village of Cootamundry'. It was not officially changed to Cootamundra until 1952.
Gold mining started in the area in 1862 and, while it was never in the town, it attracted large numbers of miners to the region. Inevitably gold attracted bushrangers to the district and in 1863 John Barnes was shot dead by John O'Meally at a holdup. When the gold ran out many of them decided to settle in Cootamundra.
Once the town had been surveyed it was open for sale and the first sale of town lots occurred in 1862 at the Gundagai Police Station where 52 lots were sold on the first day and 44 were sold on the second day. Two years later the first 'receiving office for mail' was established in the village and by 1866 the town had a proper Post Office, a police station, a hotel and about 100 residents. The first church - Roman Catholic - was built in 1870 and the first school was completed in 1875. (source: The Sidney Morning Herald, website)

1864 A "receiving office for mails" was established and this marked the beginning of the Post Office. 1866 By this time the little village had a population of 100, a Post Office, a Police Station and two hotels. (source: CootamundraHistory Highlights, Compiled by Cootamundra Local History Society Inc Revised 2008)